About Ann

With over 30 years experience in Nursing and Midwifery I have always had a special interest in Spiritual/Energy Healing. I had spent many years looking for meaning in my life and had trained in a wide variety of healing methods. However I still felt there was something missing in my life and in general I found life to be stressful.

In 2007 I was fortunate to meet Gary Collins founder of the Jade Sun School and of the Solar Sound Healing modality. My very first experience of Solar Sound Healing was a feeling that it was Sacred and I loved the experience. I felt the sound connected with me on a very deep and personal level and I felt safe, supported and at home. I have found this beautiful modality to be profoundly healing in my own life and have since witnessed its healing benefits in the lives of others.

This has led me to train in Spiritual Science with the Jade Sun School. This training opened up a freedom and peace in my life to a level that I had not experienced previously. I subsequently trained in Solar Sound Healing and qualified as a registered practitioner with the jade Sun School in 2012.

I am also a Certified Facilitator of the Jade Sun School ‘Care For the Self’ Meditation and Healing Program.

About ten years ago I started to attend classes in Tai Chi & Qi Gong and subsequently undertook a two year Instructors training course with the  Jade Sun School of Tai Chi & Qi Gong. I qualified as a Registered Instructor in 2017. In September 2019 I qualified with Distinction as a Level 2 Qi Gong Instructor. I have found the practice of these beautiful arts, in my own personal life, to be profoundly healing on all levels mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I now incorporate them into my daily practice and I find that they profoundly support my emotional and spiritual growth as well as keeping my body flexible and pain free.

I continue to train with the school for my ongoing Healing and Spiritual development.