Solar Sound Healing is healing for your Heart, Mind and Body.

Every Living Organism emits sound – that includes all the cells in your organs and whole body. Our energy body ‘tunes’ our physical body. If our energy body is not in tune with our true nature then our bodies will not function in a harmonious way – leading us to experience physical, emotional and or mental suffering.

Working on the energy body through the chakra and meridian systems the healer is trained to feel blockages or congestion in the energy body. Powerful healing energy is released and moved by the healer and directed to the client.

During the healing session the Solar Sound healer connects with the true nature of the human soul and sounds intuitively from that place to help release stagnant or congested energies.

“The Solar Sound Healer is trained to connect with the Healed Place in the heart of the human soul. The healer then communicates this to the client through intuitive sounding during the healing session.” (Gary Collins; Spiritual Teacher and founder of the Jade Sun School.)

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